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I am an Animator/Illustrator living just outside Los Angeles and working primarily as a character animator for Games and Television.  I have a wealth of experience in Character Design, 2d Animation, 2d Rig Building and am proficient in the latest versions of programs like photoshop CC and Toonboom Harmony 12. I’ve spent most of my career pitching shows to large networks while working full time as an animator/illustrator during the day for such companies as Nickelodeon and Disney.   I am known for my ability to work fast and meet very tight deadlines.  In my spare time I make cartoons for YouTube starring my children and develop show pitches.


Character Design, Animals S3, Starburns  (2017 Sept - present)

  • Designed Animal characters using animal anatomy and reference.
  • Detailed clean up to ensure style 
  • Designed mouth packs for every character in the season 3
  • Completed 8 point turns for lead characters
  • redressed characters from previous season

Character Design, Harmonquest S2, Starburns (UNION) (2016 November - 2017 June)

  • Designed 20 + secondary characters and incidentals
  • Cleanup on over 40 designs with special attention to show style and line weight 
  • Designed mouth packs for every character in the season 2
  • Completed over 35 turns, 8 point and 12 point
  • redressed characters from previous season
  • Designed over 15 special poses for lead characters and guest stars

Character Design, Legends of CH, Bento Box Entertainment (UNION) (2016 June - November)

  • Designed over 30 Principle and supporting Characters for Season 2
  • Cleaned, colored, and redressed 40 + Characters
  • Completed 20 + turns 

Animation Retakes, Starburns Industries (2016 May - June)

  • Revised 30+ shots for the show Harmonquest
  • Animated several shots from scratch to ensure deadline is met
  • fixed several continuity errors that were overlooked

Character Design/Color/Clean up, Starburns Industries (2016 Feb - April)

  • Design Characters and Color keys for various props, characters, and effects.  
  • Design several mouth packs for secondary characters
  • applied special lighting to several scenes and characters

Animator/Rigger, Starburns Industries (2015 - 2016) 

  • Animated over 40 + minutes for the HBO show “Animals”
  • Prepped over 15 characters in Photoshop for rigging
  • Rigged over 15 characters with full turns in ToonBoom Harmony
  •  Met and exceeded deadlines time and time again
  • Worked weekends and sometimes holidays to ensure deadlines where met

Animator/Cleanup/Color, Creative Capers (2014 - 2015)

  • Clean up, rig, and animate characters for several apps, mobile games, and shows
  • Responsible for functionality of layered assets
  • Gave direction and managed a team of junior animators
  • QC on all final animations
  • Worked closely with programming team to ensure visual integrity and to meet incredibly tight deadlines.

Animator/Segment Director, Six Point Harness (2014 - 2015)

  • Directed animated segments for Fusion show “Like, Share, Die”
  • Provide storyboards and animatic for each sequence animated
  • Character design from concept to completion
  • Rigged all characters in flash
  • Animated over 10 characters for animated segments

Lead Animator, Disney Interactive (2012 - 2014)

  • Animated over 30 + portal animations for all main characters in the Disney game “Where’s my Water 2”
  • Oversaw all game animation including UI/UX for main menu and buttons
  • Managed animation team and provided artistic guidance to ensure Disney quality
  • Rigged all main characters for several Disney games/apps


Education (2007)

Bachelors in Animation

Platt College, Alhambra, CA



Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Toonboom Harmony, Character Design, Animation, Background Design, Prop Design, Rigging.


References are available on request.