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I am available for work!

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Hello Everyone!

Well we are wrapped for Season 1 of Animals, set to premiere Feb. 5th, 11:30pm on HBO, Thank you to the amazing team at Starburns to work on such a great show!  That being said I am now available for full time work!  Here's a sample of some of my animation work from the past year along with my demo reel! Feel free to send me an email if you think I'd be a good fit for your project! #demoreel #animation #animator

VO workshop with Phil Lamarr!

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Hello there world!
Last night something amazing happened I got to work and be coached by one of my heroes in the acting community, Mr. Phil Lamarr.  Phil has been in everything from Madtv to Green Lantern to Futurama.  He was incredibly nice and really helped me find that middle ground between preparing for a part and just going in cold.  I feel way more confident in my skills as an actor, Phil was also a Groundling which makes it even more amazing!  What an incredible experience!

Be a Lion!

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Hey guys!

As most of you know at any given time during the year I am in a play, usually musicals. Well next week is our opening night for "The Wiz" in which I play the lion!  Here's a video from rehearsals to give you a taste!  This is "Be a lion" with the ever talented Kayla who is only 14! Can you believe this girls voice! Incredible!

Working for Starburns! Animals Season 1

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Hello Everyone!

Some of you already know this but for a few months I've been animating and rigging for Starburns industries on a hilarious show called "Animals" Created by Phil Matarese and Mike Luciano!  I've completely moved all of my work from flash to Toonboom Harmony Premium 12! I bought my own copy this year so that I could continue working from my home office. This is a great show and has been an incredible experience! If you're not familiar with "Animals" it went to sundance and got picked up by HBO! Check it out!